Terms of services

This Agreement shall govern participation in the Pop-under Advertising Network (Program) offered by PopSense.us. By participating in the Program, you will be deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.
Affiliate must complete and submit a Program application and registration form.

Payment Terms

Payment will be sent within 30 business days from request. Affiliate must log into their account to request payment when they have accumulated the minimum payment amount. The current minimum payment amount is $5.00 USD.
If the Affiliate request that payment by made through a third party payment source such as PayPal, the minimum payment amount will be determined by such third party payment source. PopSense reserves the right to withhold payment from Affiliate if it violates any of the terms and conditions set forth herein.


The following sites are NOT allowed to participate in our Program:

– Sites displaying child pornography, bestiality or contain links to such content
– Libelous or defamatory sites
– Sites containing software piracy
– Sites containing, instructing or describing any form of illegal activity including but not limited to bomb building, hacking or phreaking
– Sites with gratuitous displays of violence; obscene or vulgar language; abusive content and/or content which endorses or threatens physical harm
– Sites promoting any type of hate-mongering based on race, politics, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality
– Sites that participate in or transmit inappropriate newsgroup postings or unsolicited email
– Sites promoting any type of illegal substance, paraphernalia and/or activity
– Sites with illegal, false or deceptive investment advice and/or money-making opportunities
– Sites with any type of content that the general public has deemed to be improper or inappropriate
– Sites spreading viruses or exploiting web browser vulnerabilities

Affiliate may not artificially inflate traffic counts using any device, program or robot. In addition, Affiliate may not misuse PopSense's ad codes to affect Affiliate's earnings under this Agreement.

Each Affiliate may only hold one account with PopSense. Affiliates may have more than one URL in their account, each of which must be submitted for review prior to placing the ad code on each individual site.

Code Placement

PopSense ad codes may not be modified from its original format. Affiliate agrees to use the ad code provided by PopSense not more than once per page view. Ad codes may only appear on root URLs that we have reviewed and accepted for participation in the Program. Ad codes cannot be placed in email messages.

Fraud and Deception

Affiliate agrees not to artificially inflate traffic counts using any program, script, device or by any other means. PopSense will audit every Affiliate's traffic on a daily basis. If Affiliate produces or commits fraudulent statistics Affiliate will have their account permanently removed from our Program and Affiliate will not be compensated for such fraudulent traffic. Additionally, PopSense reserves the right to register any fraudulent activities by Affiliate in a global advertisement network fraud database for usage by other advertisement networks. Excessive page reloading or any other abuse of our system may result in PopSense pursuing legal action against Affiliate.

Contact Information

To insure timely payment, Affiliate is responsible for maintaining the correct contact and payment information including name, email address and mailing address. This must be done online using the Affiliate's account. Any and all bank/service fees associated with returned or cancelled payments due to any error in the Affiliate's contact or payment information shall be the Affiliate's responsibility and will be deducted from any payment due to the Affiliate.

Dispute Resolution

In the case of any disputes under this Agreement, the parties shall first attempt in good faith to resolve their dispute informally, or by means of commercial mediation, without the necessity of a formal proceeding.